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The world changes at an incredibly rapid pace and the fields of healthcare and medicine are constantly evolving in ways that can be hard to predict. You need a reliable source of information to ensure that you are staying abreast of the best ways to stay healthy, which is why SOLIS is proud to introduce our ongoing pain management blog! Using SOLIS is only one step in the process of alleviating your chronic pain; now you can find everything you need to know about science, health, and technology that will help you live your best pain-free life in one place.

How to Manage Pain Using a TENS


TENS units (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators) work by sending stimulating pulses across the skin along the sensory nerves. These stimulating...

Chronic Pain and Acute Pain


We all sometimes experience pain. When we experience pain, it can be acute sudden pain or chronic long term pain. Chronic pain is normally caused by a...

Walking to Relieve Pain and Stress


Most people know that exercise, including walking, is a great way to stay in shape and alleviate stress. Did you know that exercise can also help you...

5 Myths of Chronic Pain


If you or someone you know has suffered with chronic pain, you understand the frustration behind the suffering. Oftentimes, chronic pain is dismissed by...

What Makes SOLIS 1100 Different?


If you are someone who suffers from chronic pain, acute pain, or arthritis, you know just how difficult this can be to treat. Even though diet, exercise,...

New Ways to Ease the Pain of Osteoarthritis

As people live longer, there are many medical conditions that are becoming more common. One such condition is osteoarthritis, which is a chronic...

A Wide Variety of Topics

Our blog has been created with the goal of making sure you understand important, sometimes complex subjects, in a way that’s straightforward, well-researched and easy to understand. Our pain management blog is written with the same level of excellence that our customers expect from our products. If you have pain, we know you will find something beneficial in our archives. Our pain management articles are written with the philosophy that nothing is too complicated to understand, and nothing related to pain can be too obscure to share with a community who will make use of it.

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SOLIS was made for real people just like you who deal with chronic pain every day of their lives. Our pain management blog is written with your needs and experiences in mind. Our founder created SOLIS to help him deal with his own chronic pain, and we know there are many people out there who have ideas that could help others just like his invention helps people every day. That’s why we encourage you to comment with your thoughts and share your knowledge and experience under every article you read! Enjoy reading our pain management blog, and experience the power and comfort of SOLIS today.